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Backlinks – the reverse link

As a backlink, the link can be viewed only in relation to a specific site, we will denote its letter A. Being placed on a third-party resource, let it be a site B, the link receives the status – backlinks. Reverse links are powerful, and sometimes the only means of effective site optimization.

Backlinks in SEO

In the search engine, backlinks are used in two ways. The searcher assigns a ranking to a site based on two parameters associated with backlinks. The first parameter is the number of backlinks to the site. The more backlinks the Optimizer places on third-party resources, the higher the position of the site, which moves in the search engine. Know more about SEO.

However, the underwater stone in this is the topics, the affinity of sites A and B. If an optimizer, promoting space resources, places his backlinks on a site that has soft toys, then a search engine moderator can refer to such an advancement to one of the black methods of optimization – link spam.

The resource that is being promoted can be penalized up to the exclusion from the search engine database. In a word, you have to try to place backlinks on sites of similar subjects or the optimizer needs to demonstrate some agility and organically associate ” human flight to the moon ” and ” nuances of the production of toy bear cubs .”

Backlinks weight:

Another parameter is the so-called backlinks weight. To this, two sites were considered – A and B. We add to them the third one – the site of V. The concept of “the weight of backlinks” just occurs when in the field of view there is a third site, which houses backlinks. For example, the ranking of site B in the search engine, conventionally speaking, is 50, and the ranking of the site В – 100.backlinks

In this case, backlink, located on site B, has a large weight, which is taken into account by the search engine, when assigned the ranking of the site A, which moves this backlink. Simply put, the bigger the weight the backlink is the higher the site’s position in the search engine.

But there are nuances, no matter how huge the reference links are, no matter how many. The website will never get to the top lines of the issue, if it is not made for people.

Because the last instance – the moderator – is a person, not a robot. Backlink optimization SMO and SMM Reverse links that promote websites in online communities may be more effective as a means of optimization than SEO. After all, in this case, backlink leads directly to the target audience, bypassing the robots with their smart algorithms.

Subject matter placement is very important here. In forums and in communities, as well as in search engines, moderation services work, ruthlessly removing backlinks that do not coincide with the topic of forums.

Forums backlinks

Try, for example, to post a link in the Search engines forum that violates the rules. Moderator with a wonderful name Lvovich not only will remove this backlink, but will do a hard suggestion! In promoting the site in human groups, the number of backlinks has direct meaning. More reciprocal links are seen by more people.

In this type of promotion the concept of the weight of backlinks can also be considered. This is simply the reputation of the party that places backlinks.

When spamming the backlinks, forum members gradually begin to trim the optimizer, and in worse scenarios, and completely exclude it from the community. After all, the optimizer is such only for the owner of the promoted site, and in the community, he is the same participant, with the same rights. People do not really like when they impose anything.

Therefore, promoting a resource by placing backlinks on forums, it is necessary to become part of the community. No, not even that. You need to become an interesting community. The result of website promotion, in this case, will be even better than search engine optimization. Earnings on backpacks using the interest of the Optimizer, webmasters can earn money on placing backlinks. The simple relationship is simple.

The webmaster places an optimizer link on his site and receives a reward for it. The Internet has a lot of resources on which there are optimists and webmasters and agree on the placement of backlinks. These sites are often referred to as exchanges of links. Our recommended backlinks checker is rankwatch.

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