Digital Marketing questions and answers

In this post, I wants to describe some of the most frequently asked questions related to Digital Marketing. What is SEO? what are the best times to publish are often very recurring questions and have hundreds of answers on the Internet? I have tried to collect those that most ask by giving a direct response or including a link where you can find it. I hope you find it useful. So, let’s go with digital marketing questions and answers.

Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO?

SEO  is an abbreviation that stands for: Search Engine Optimization  (  Optimization Search Engine). What does it mean? In a few words, it is about optimizing your website to appear in the first results of search engines like Google. Within SEO we distinguish SEO On Page (on your website) and Off Page(outside of your website).

What is Seo Yoast and how to configure it?

Seo Yoast is one of the most used plugins in WordPress and it allows you to do SEO On Page. With the guide of Digital Marketing Tools available on the web you will learn how to configure it correctly.

What are the most important SEO tools?

There are many SEO tools. I’m going to name you some of the most popular:

If you are interested in knowing any of them in more depth, you can consult them.


What is SEM?

SEM is the acronym of Search Engine Marketing and we normally refer to it when we talk about paid search ads campaigns.

What are the differences between SEO and SEM?

Some of the main differences are:

-In SEO the results are long-term and in SEM in the short term.

-On the content, in SEO you should look for originality, that contributes value, that is relevant and in SEM is more focused on conversion.

-With   SEO, our goal is to appear in the first results of searches but there is no guarantee of it and with the   SEM itself.

-In the SEM it is easier to have in control of everything that is happening with our campaigns. In SEO, there is control over the strategy, but not over the results.

– SEO is less flexible to changes, in SEM we can make changes in campaigns that will have immediate effects.

What is seo on the page?

SEO On Page is an English term, which we use to refer to the optimizations you can make on your page to improve your organic positioning. Some aspects that influence are:

  • The meta information, such as the title or the meta-description
  • The URL
  • The content
  • The <alt> attribute in the images
  • The web structure
  • The internal linking
  • The HTML code

If you want to expand the information and know in depth its meaning and how to improve your SEO on the page I recommend this On Page SEO checklist.

What are the keywords?

Keywords are words or phrases we use in search engines like Google to find information or a specific web page.  The central keyword that you want to position in Google is called a generic keyword. The keywords long tail (long tail ) can be the keywords worked within the articles that are related to the main keyword, and that point to something specific within the search queries.

Where to look for keywords?

To perform a keyword search you can use one or more of these tools:

How to make keyword research?

This is one of the most important parts of SEO. There are many posts that talk about this topic but, to me in particular, there are two that I find very useful. One of them is Google Keyword Planner and the other is Ahref.

What is the cannibalization of keywords?

Cannibalization happens when there are several pages in a web that compete for the same word. Cannibalization is something that usually happens in very large websites or blogs with a large number of publications.

What is the best plug-in for WordPress for SEO?

In WordPress,  SEO by Yoast is the plug-in par excellence. One of its most important functions is that it facilitates the writing of articles focused on SEO thanks to the minimum criteria that it gives us. Another very popular plug-in is All in One SEO.

What is the best strategy to generate backlinks?

Some of the most used strategies are:

  • Guest Posting. If you are an expert on a topic, you can request to participate as a writer of guest articles in a portal with high authority.
  • Use the Check My Links extension to locate broken links on websites and suggest that it be replaced by one of your links.
  • Forum’s participation. Search forums related to your topic that are active and participate, solve doubts, etc.
  • Comment blogs related to your topic.
  • Register in local directories such as Yellow Pages, QDQ, etc.
  • Take advantage of the profiles of social networks.
  • Check the competitor what your competition is doing.


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What is a blog and what are its advantages?

It is a site in which, occasionally, the creator shares news, data, and so forth … in reference to a particular subject.

A portion of the primary points of interest are:

  • Generate traffic to your site.
  • Make your administrations or items known.
  • You make a network.
  • It encourages you position yourself as a specialist in your market.
  • You will learn with him. When you have a blog you generally end up searching for data on a theme that causes you to keep framing.
  • You produce leads

What is the best stage to begin a blog?

WordPress is a standout amongst the most utilized stages. With this WordPress customization manage, you can realize every one of its qualities and how to utilize it.

How might you profit with a blog?

Probably the most widely recognized approaches to procure cash with a blog are:

  • Sale of computerized items or information items.
  • Sale of courses.
  • Affiliate showcasing
  • Advertising.
  • Reviews and supported posts.
  • Donations
  • Webinars

How to get guests in my blog?

The main thing you need to do is characterize the sort of per user you are keen on and from that point consider where you are and how you can pull in them. After:

  • Write one of a kind and alluring substance for your group of onlookers.
  • Establish a publication logbook.
  • Post as often as possible.
  • Participate in interpersonal organizations.
  • Take care of SEO to show up in the principle Google looks.
  • Write a post on different web journals.
  • Comment on different sites.
  • Make email showcasing efforts.
  • Work the structure of your presents on be alluring.
  • Offer something of significant worth for your membership.

Which modules are the most vital?

There is an endless module. In this rundown of your Web of Zero, you will locate those most valuable and important.

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What mistakes would it be a good idea for you to dodge in your blog?

  • 1.- Not having a particular topic. What’s more, you should have learning regarding this matter.
  • 2.- Do does not give quality substance.
  • 3.- Do does not pick the name of your space accurately.
  • 4.- Not having characterized a substance procedure.
  • 5.- Use pictures of low quality.
  • 6.- Not having characterized your optimal per user.
  • 7.- Focus all your substance for SEO and not for your per users.
  • 8.- Copy the substance of different sites.
  • 9.- Do does not incorporate social catches.
  • 10.- Do does not distribute constantly.

What are the primary favorable circumstances of having a business blog?

  • 1.- Increase the traffic to your site.
  • 2.- Improves internet searcher situating.
  • 3.- It can enable you to expand the quantity of endorsers and potential clients.
  • 4.- Interact with your crowd.
  • 5.- It causes you to advance your items and administrations.
  • 6.- You can separate yourself from the challenge.
  • 7.- Humanize your image.
  • 8.- Through the remarks you can become acquainted with your customer better.

How to advance a blog entry?

  • Share the post on interpersonal organizations, news aggregators and gatherings.
  • Use inner connections in your blog to advance different sites.
  • Participate in gatherings and offer a connection to your blog that will assist them with knowing progressively about a question they are making.
  • Interact with different bloggers
  • Comment on different online journals.
  • Check your old posts and advance them once more.
  • Create infographics
  • Make a visitor posting.
  • Send a pamphlet with each new passage your blog.

How to compose a decent post?

  • 1.- Know your crowd, your worries, questions, and so on … to produce helpful substance.
  • 2.- Search for data and confirm it.
  • 3.- Deal with subjects you know.
  • 4.- Use quality pictures and recordings.
  • 5.- Create content that remaining parts in time.
  • 6.- Title that attracts consideration and as per the subject of the post.
  • 7.- Use expressions and short passages.
  • 8.- Choose a right featured picture.
  • 9.- Check the post before distributing it and watch that there are no incorrect spellings.
  • 10.- Use effectively the “Strong” and “Italic” to feature the most imperative thoughts.
  • 11.- Finish the post with an end and suggestion to take action.


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What is a website?

A site is a website that contains reports (site pages) sorted out progressively. A site is made out of at least one website pages, is a lot of them.

What is a landing page?

It is otherwise called Landing Page. It is the one we come to subsequent to tapping on a flag, advertisement, or connection. An apparatus structured with a solitary reason, create an activity.

What is the address of a page?

The address of your page (URL) comprises of an domain name and a page route. Web addresses are the best approach to reference a page on the web.

By what method should an ideal landing page be?

  • Striking and clear features
  • Subtitle with the advantages.
  • Form to gather the client’s data.
  • Testimonials to assemble trust
  • Include suggestions to take action and earnest call.
  • Adequate and alluring picture.

What are the upsides of utilizing WordPress for a site?

As of now, WordPress is a standout amongst the most famous substance chiefs, utilized and favored by expert website architecture experts. A portion of its favorable circumstances are:

  • 1.- It is an open source programming.
  • 2.- It isn’t important to have programming learning.
  • 3.- Variety in the structures.
  • 4.- There are an expansive number of module.
  • 5.- It is multi-client.
  • 6.- Most WordPress topics are intended to be shown accurately on cell phones.
  • 7.- It is situated well.
  • 8.- You can discover numerous instructional exercises that will enable you to ace it. 9.- Its support is simple. 10.- Constantly refreshed to enhances its capacities.
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